HiTOPS Curriculum

2022-2023 Education Arc

Grade 11/13 1/13 3/24 4/14
5th Puberty Boundaries and Consent No programming Intro to SOGIE
6th/7th Intro to SOGIE Boundaries and Consent Healthy Relationships
8th Advanced SOGIE Boundaries and Consent Healthy Relationships Intersectionality STI/Pregnancy Prevention LGBTQ History

Course Descriptions

Puberty – Students learn about basic functions of the human body, and expectations for the emotional and physical changes that happen to bodies during puberty. Students are not separated by gender, and are taught about puberty in a de-gendered way.  

Boundaries and Consent – In this workshop, students learn what boundaries are and how to appropriately set them in their friendships, partnerships and families. Students also learn the meaning of consent, how to appropriately get consent, and how to identify situations that require consent in family and friend relationships. 8th grade students will also learn consent in the context of romantic relationships and will learn about intimacy in a sex positive manner.

Healthy Relationships – Students discuss different types of relationships that exist (family, friendship, romantic) and explore healthy and unhealthy characteristics of each. 

SOGIE – Students are introduced to the concepts of and terminology associated with sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Students learn what it means to be affirming to people of all identities.

Advanced SOGIE – Students actively work through different scenarios and role plays to learn more about the various ways in which people identify, and how we can actively reduce the assumptions we make about others.

Intersectionality – Students learn about the different experiences people have because of their various identities. Students focus specifically on their experiences of privilege, oppression, bias, and microaggressions and learn how to reduce assumptions we make about others.

LGBTQ History– In this workshop, students learn the many milestones associated with the LGBTQ rights movement. Particular focus is made towards developing allyship and advocacy skills.

STI/Pregnancy Prevention– Students learn about the many STI’s that exist and ways to prevent their transmission. Students learn about different kinds of intercourse and how various forms of protection work to prevent pregnancy and/or STI transmission.

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