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River Valley Waldorf School Vision Statement

River Valley Waldorf School prepares the children of our community to meet the future with compassion, a will to practical action, creative independent thinking and a life-long quest for learning. Inspired by the insights and worldview of Rudolf Steiner, the school honors the rhythms of human development as a basis for learning throughout life. As a community, we seek to build confidence, a sense of belonging and strength of purpose. River Valley Waldorf School, as part of the global Waldorf education movement, cultivates social responsibility and a respect for the earth. 

River Valley Waldorf School Mission Statement

River Valley Waldorf School nurtures the individual spirit of each child. Our holistic education is based on social renewal, a kinship with nature, high academic standards and a full complement of the arts. With Rudolf Steiner’s pedagogy at its foundation, this curriculum is brought to life by our experienced and compassionate Waldorf trained faculty through ongoing study into the children and their stages of development. Our children, faculty and staff are supported by the diversity of the parents and community. Together, we celebrate seasonal festivals as we cultivate the cultural, spiritual and social life of the school.

River Valley Waldorf School Values & Working Principles

Diversity—River Valley Waldorf School recognizes each individual as a striving spiritual being. Because of this belief, diversity is an essential element of community. River Valley Waldorf School appreciates and embraces diversity as a strength and part of its mission in seeking universal humanity. In the realm of agreements, equality is the fundamental practice.

Independence in education—River Valley Waldorf School views self-determination in its educational and governance practices as essential to the vitality of its vision and mission. River Valley Waldorf School is an independent school free of federal or state government curricular standards or intervention.

Communication—River Valley Waldorf School respects communication as the process that builds and sustains trust throughout the community. Responsible communication is brought in context, is affirming and empowering, and indicates clear appropriate actions. River Valley Waldorf School’s communications will exercise moral tact and respect individuals’ inner freedom. We practice honesty, respect for authorship, speaking with sensitivity to the listener, and following communication protocols.

Accessibility—River Valley Waldorf School values self-development and will create opportunities for parents and other interested parties to gain insight into the background, philosophy, activities, and programs of the school.

Sustainability—River Valley Waldorf School considers all of its decisions, needs, and expenditures in the light of the full impact on individuals, school, community, global economy and environment.

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