Below is a great selection of articles that are fabulous resources for Waldorf parents and teachers alike.

Natural Awakenings Article on RVWS: Why Waldorf?

A visit to a first grade “main lesson”—the first two hours of the day when the primary content is delivered—would reveal children variously clapping, stomping, singing, writing in their main lesson books, painting and drawing. They are obviously inspired. But how, exactly, is this done? How does a Waldorf school approach teaching differently from its public and private counterparts?

Natural Awakenings – August 8, 2014

Why Waldorf Is a Great Choice for Environmentally Conscious Parents

Waldorf education, also sometimes known as Steiner Education, is a specific approach to pedagogy that was developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1919. Emphasizing creativity, learning-by-doing, craft, storytelling and a focus on the natural world, Waldorf is one of the fastest growing alternative school systems in the world, and is, ironically, surging in popularity in high-tech communities like Silicon Valley, as described in this New York Times article from 2011.

Inhabitots  – Nov 2013 : Read Full Article »

Why Our Kids Need Play, Now More Than Ever

“The decline in opportunity to play has also been accompanied by a decline in empathy and a rise in narcissism, both of which have been assessed since the late 1970s with standard questionnaires given to normative samples of college students…. A decline of empathy and a rise in narcissism are exactly what we would expect to see in children who have little opportunity to play socially.”

The Atlantic City Lab – Oct 2013 : Read Full Article »