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 At River Valley Waldorf School our children learn by doing- in a screen-free and nature-based environment. From pre-K through 8th grade, our Waldorf trained faculty nurtures the individual spirit of each child with compassion and respect. We educate the whole child through creativity, activity and purpose- preparing self-confident, independent thinkers who are culturally aware, socially responsible and globally conscious. 


Waldorf education inspires a lifetime love of learning. Academic subjects are infused with the arts, allowing students to truly experience the curriculum, encouraging creative thinking and a depth of understanding of the subject. The Waldorf curriculum is based on a broad and comprehensive understanding of the developmental phases of childhood. Founded in 1919, Waldorf education is now a global movement for the education of the whole child- the head, the heart, and the hands.

I could not imagine a better place to send our son. The way they teach and the way they nurture a child’s spirit is more than just education, it is a lifestyle and it is building a generation of responsible human beings. – Bill Murphy

River Valley has been the guiding light in our family’s life since we began our journey here 7 years ago. We have watched our two daughters thrive under the guidance of the many incredibly dedicated teachers. They not only guide them in the traditional subjects, but the holistic approach of the curriculum extends far beyond that. I have personally seen how the teachers equally value the cultivation of empathy and integrity in each child. In a world where these qualities seem to no longer be nurtured in schools, and are not-so-subtly replaced by the cultivation of competitiveness and a me-first attitude, River Valley gives me hope for the next generation. I truly believe every teacher in this school cares about the daily experience of each and every student, can call them all by name, and is intrinsically involved in their educational journey. The campus is beautiful and welcoming, with great plans in store for expansion. The gardens, woods, and playgrounds are a child’s dream-come-true. That and the generous amount of outdoor time that is built into every day has truly helped to inspire a deep and meaningful connection to nature in our children. The early childhood wing is a sacred space, an environment that has fostered imaginative play, real learning, and a culture of kindness for both our girls. Now our children are in the grade school and we have been privileged to work side-by-side in a partnership with each of their amazing teachers to continue the development and unfolding of each of our daughters’ unique talents and personalities. The faculty and community are wonderful, inclusive, and our interactions with everyone have proved to always be a respite from the busy, hectic world outside the school. We have enormous gratitude for what this school has provided for our girls and for our family. – Erika Gustavson

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