Festivals and Events

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Important Community Wide, Annual Events

Winter Fair

A beautiful seasonal event, open to the public, Winter Fair features holiday musical performances, delicious food, artisan crafts, and activities for children. A visit with King Winter makes for a magical occasion for all.


River Valley assemblies are an important part of the curriculum for students, and are wonderful celebrations for families and friends. Family and friends are  invited.

Parent Stage

River Valley’s signature event- adults only- to showcase the immense talent in our parent community. The evening features incredible musical performances by parent musicians, professional and amateur alike, comedy skits, and sing-alongs.

Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Each spring, we open our doors for grandparents and special friends to join our students for an afternoon musical assembly, showcasing our student’s hard work throughout the year. This special day is joyful and meaningful for students and their families.


River Valley’s spring festival, featuring Maypole dancing, singing, and a beautiful afternoon of musical performances, food, and activities for children. The pocket fairy comes each year to offer small treasures. Pony rides and jump rope making are special annual activities for the whole community. This event is open to the public.

Other Important Events

Rose Ceremony

The Rose Ceremony is a tradition unique to Waldorf schools and deeply meaningful to students, teachers, and families. Each year on the first day of school the entire school assembles for the ceremony. The 8th grade class welcomes the 1st grade class and all new students into the grade school, with the gift of a rose for each student. On the last day of school, the school assembles again, this time for the 1st grade to wish the graduating 8th grade a very fond farewell- with the gift of a rose for each.

Parents and family are welcome for this very special ceremony.

Lantern Walk

The lantern walk takes place each November for the early childhood and grades 1-3. At dusk, teachers, students, and their parents gather on the back play yard to sing seasonal songs while on a special candle-lit walk around the school grounds. Students carry their own handcrafted lanterns on this special journey, which honors inner light within us all that guides us through the dark winter months.

Spiral of Light

Spiral of Light in December is a beautiful, reverent ceremony for River Valley students. This ceremony is held during the school day early in December. Parents and family are welcome to observe this quiet, meditative tradition in the midst of the bustling holiday season.

Ice Skating

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday at River Valley Waldorf School, celebrating the bonds of friendship and community. Each year on the Friday following Valentine’s Day, the entire grade school makes a joyful field trip to the local ice skating rink for a morning of skating and fun. Parents are welcome to join with the children and their teachers.

Farm Trip

Each year the 3rd grade class takes a week-long trip to an organic and biodynamic farm in the Hudson Valley. This trip to the farm is part of the 3rd grade agriculture curriculum, which is woven throughout the entire 3rd grade year. Students love the farm trip experience, and alumni of the trip carry happy memories of “life on the farm” forever.

Greek Olympiad

The 5th grade studies Ancient Greece and Rome as part of the 5th grade curriculum. During the year, students prepare for the Greek Olympiad (Pentathlon), held at Kimberton Waldorf School in the spring. Their studies and preparation lead up to this wonderful sporting event, where students participate with the 5th grades of four other Waldorf schools in an Olympic-style day. Teamwork and enthusiastic encouragement win the day.

8th Grade Trip

At the end of their journey at River Valley Waldorf School, the 8th grade takes a week-long field trip with their class teacher and chaperones. The trip is always educational and experiential, always fun, and most definitely a memorable end to our students time at River Valley.

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