Tuition Assistance Program

The River Valley Waldorf School Tuition Assistance & Scholarship Program For the 2014-2015 School Year

The choice of a Waldorf education for your child requires a significant financial investment. While the financing of a child’s education rests with his or her family and extended family first, the River Valley Waldorf School believes that families who wish to be a part of our school community should not be prevented from doing so by finances. We strive to make the River Valley Waldorf School available to every family committed to Waldorf education for their children. In an effort to achieve this goal a significant portion of the school’s resources are allocated to tuition assistance and distributed equitably to families who demonstrate financial need. However, the practical limitations on the school’s finances (i.e., the size of our enrollment and our reliance on tuition to meet our operating expenses) impose limits on the amount of assistance we can provide. We must strike a balance between assisting families in need and maintaining fair and reasonable tuition levels for those who pay full tuition. The maximum award for tuition assistance varies from year to year, based on demand and the funds available, but it does not exceed 50% of tuition. A scholarship fund is available thanks to the generosity and fund raising efforts of our community. Scholarship consideration is given to students whose need exceeds the maximum tuition assistance grant.

  1. Tuition assistance is monetary assistance that is provided by the River Valley Waldorf School to reduce educational costs to families with demonstrated financial need. Tuition assistance grants are used to offset tuition costs only and do not cover other fees. Tuition assistance grants do not need to be repaid. The money comes directly from the school’s financial aid budget, which is funded by tuition, PA EITC Grants and fund raising income.
  2. Tuition assistance is available for grade school students attending the RVWS and kindergarten students attending the 5 day program. Scholarship assistance is available for these students and for RVWS graduates attending private high schools within the state of PA.
  3. Grant consideration for each student will be made only after a completed enrollment application has been submitted with the $40 application fee and a letter of acceptance has been offered.
  4. Returning RVWS families need not submit another application for admission to the school but must submit the tuition assistance application each year. Additionally, RVWS families must submit enrollment contract with $250 re- enrollment deposit in order to be considered for tuition assistance.
  5. All information submitted for financial assistance is held in the strictest confidence by the Tuition Assistance Committee.
  6. The Committee will make all decisions regarding disbursement of tuition funds with the goal of equitable distribution of the available funds to qualifying families.
  7. The River Valley Waldorf School uses an outside organization, School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS), to help assess a family’s ability to pay school costs. The SSS provides an objective analysis of a family’s financial situation based on information provided by the family on the Parent’ Financial Statement (PFS) to estimate the family’s ability to pay. The school receives the results on the Report of Family Contribution from SSS and uses this information to allocate assistance. Use of the SSS service promotes objectivity and consistency in the awarding of financial assistance funds.
  8. Parents are required to submit their tax forms from the previous two years to the Administrator or a member of the Tuition Assistance Committee after submitting the completed Personal Finance Summary to SSS.
  9. In the case of divorced or separated parents, financial resources of both natural parents will be considered. Therefore, both parents must provide complete financial information before the child can be considered for assistance. Divorced, separated or never together parents can submit their applications separately with the assurance that all information will be kept in the strictest confidence, and that the information will not be shared with the child’s other family.
  10. Overdue accounts must be brought up to date before a family will be considered for tuition assistance.
  11. Families are required to personally contribute a minimum of 50% of the total tuition due. Scholarships are available in exceptional cases. While need is a prerequisite for scholarship consideration it does not guarantee eligibility. Scholarships are allocated based on the needs of the school and the particular situation of the child.
  12. In order to be considered for tuition assistance families must agree to tuition payment via automatic debit and the child must be reenrolled by March 30.
  13. If the amount that the school can provide is less than the SSS assessment of a family’s need (up to 50%) and the family is unable to enroll as a result, any fees beyond the application fees will be refunded.
  14. If a family has been invited to apply for a scholarship and the scholarship does not avail the family of sufficient assistance to meet the cost of the school, the materials and trip fees due May 15 will be refundable if the family communicates their decision prior to the date specified in the award letter, otherwise the materials and trip fees are forfeited.
  15. Tuition Assistance Grants must be accepted by the date specified in the award letter. After this point funds may be allocated to other applicants.
  16. Scholarships must be accepted by the date specified in the award letter. After this point, funds will be allocated to other applicants.